Welcome to Life Force Spa!

Life Force Spa is an oasis for those who know the value of eliminating stress, detoxifying the body and rebuilding the immune system in order to handle all levels of health challenges. All of our services do just that and most of them are unique to the mid- south region.

Here at Life Force Spa, we address the four fundamental causes of nearly all disease conditions:

  • Physical, Emotional and Environmental Stress
  • Toxicity within the body
  • Undernourished cells
  • Negative beliefs which reduce overall energy and life force

The backbone to our approach to total health is the Life Vessel. A truly unique modality to remove stress, detoxify at the cellular level and balance the autonomic nervous system. We also have the advanced ZYTO technology to assess all body stressors and nutritional deficiencies.

In addition, sweat therapy with the Solo Sauna, lymphatic drainage with the Vibraboard plus Ionic foot baths and colonics are available for total body cleansing.  For anti-aging and healing specific stressors, the newly released Trinfinity8 is exceptional.

Eliminating toxins increases our ability to focus and experience clarity of mind while raising overall energy levels. Use our facility for preventative maintenance, anti-aging or even reversing life in a downward spiral in health.

We look forward to assisting in any way possible.

To your health - The staff of Life Vessel of Tulsa